Fractal Micro-Federalism: infinite political triples

Williams shows that the more fractal a political system gets, the stronger, and axiomatically more just, it becomes. (Fractals are shapes made up entirely of copies of themselves.) Predictably, he adds federalism to his harmonic constitution, insisting that each state be a federation. No surprises there. But then astonishingly, he applies this to each substate and sub-sub-sub state, ad infinitum. Each member state of a federation is "microfederalized" (his word), and each micro-member is again federalized into infinitely small pieces, down and down. The extraordinary thing is that he takes this process all the way down to the family and even individual level, showing how individuals are composed of a Harmonic Constitution, separation of powers, (even the human brain is biologically a kind of three-part government!) and then down to cellular, atomic, and sub-atomic particle levels, with weights of muons compared to neutrinos corresponding identically to the his broader proportions of, say, executive and democratic power in a large federal state. If he is even close to right, its a complete breakthrough.

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